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In a weekend participants will be able to prototype their idea thanks to the consultancy of subject matter experts and to pre-commercial prototypes that will be made available by the Energy@home Member Companies: the connected whitegoods of Indesit Company, the smart meter of Enel Distribuzione, the home gateway and the service platform of Telecom Italia, the NFC development system of STMicroelectronics, the home automation devices of Flexgrid and Urmet.

The Hackathon is dedicated to the Smart Home, here meant as an eco-system of communicating devices and integrated value added services for the end customer. An eco-system that integrates the management systems of safety, lighting, comfort , whitegoods, energy in new and effective ways of entertainment and consumer engagement.

Try to imagine your ideal SMART HOME… What it should do, what it should like? Try to use the whitegoods, the smart meter, the broadband gateway and all the devices that we put available in the Hackathon and try to make a prototype of your idea. Try also to imagine the value proposition and a business model that can support your idea.?

The JEMMA? software on the home gateway allows you to interact with all the devices by using simple REST/http calls that allows your web applicatio, as an example, to control the state of a lamp, change its colour, open a door lock, set the cooking program of the oven and know how long it needs, monitor the energy consumption of the house...

The 3 Winning Projects



Where and When

The weekend of 21st, 22nd, 23rd November 2014 in Torino (Italy) at i3P, Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59


The participation to the event costs 20 € per person and includes free breakfast, lunches and dinners. Participants are required to register at this URL?


Fri 21st November

  • 17.30 Registration
  • 18.00 Sponsor Welcome and Presentation of the Hackathon
  • 18.30 Talk: Energy@home eco-system (Telecom Italia, ISMB, Enel, Indesit)
  • 19.30 Talk: The Expo 2015 experience - Andrea Costa (Telecom Italia)
  • 19:50 Talk: INCENSe startup financing project - Luciano Tommasi (ENEL)
  • 20:00 Ideas and Team Building
  • 20.30 Dinners
  • 23:59 Work closure

Sat 22nd November

  • 09.00 Work start and mentoring of the subject matter experts
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 19.00 Dinner
  • 23:59 Work closure

Sun 23rd November

  • 09.00 Work start and mentoring of the subject matter experts
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 15.00 Work Ends
  • 15.15 Presentations
  • 16.30 Talk: Open Innovation: New alliances for new businesses, Lucia Chierchia (Electrolux)
  • 16.50 Talk: Hardware Open Source: the Arduino vision, Lorenzo Romagnoli (Officine Arduino)
  • 17.10 Talk: Making start-up in Italy, direct experience, Mario Molinari (Energy Expert)
  • 17.30 Awards

What you need to bring

You are required to bring your own laptop, SDKs, and any other material you believe is needed to create your prototypes.


The best three projects will be awarded with a kit composed of:

  • one whitegood from Indesit Company or Whirlpool or Electrolux
  • TIM prepaid traffic for the LTE network for the equivalent value of 300 €
  • one Enel Smart Info device
  • a development kit from STMicroelectronics
  • one home automation devices from Flexgrid and Urmet
  • 1 year of free membership to Energy@home Association
  • the access to TreataBit, the program that support digital startups developed by I3P
  • the access to the Development Program of TopIX

Projects that will be more appreciated should emphasize the value of the eco-system and exploit the JEMMA Open Source Project. The jury will evaluate the opportunity the winner does a paid and professional internship offered by Altran Italia.

Technical Inf?ormation and FAQ

Technical information are avaiable in this folder?. Answers to the Frequently Asked Questions are available at the FAQ ?page.

Expected res??ults

  • Development of a business idea, possibly up to the study and integration of marketing strategies
  • Implementation of idea in a prototype using the open source software JEMMA

Evaluation criteria

  • Novelty (40%)
  • Quality of the business idea (30%): How is it proposed the developed product to the end customer? Is there a business model?
  • Technical quality of the prototype (20%)
  • Amount of Energy@home smart device integrated into the prototype (10%)

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