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Energy@home envisions an eco-system of interoperating devices based upon a communication infrastructure that enables provisioning of Value-Added Services in the Home Area Network (HAN).  In fact, its mission is to develope and promote technologies and services for energy efficiency in smart homes, based upon the interaction between user devices and the energy infrastructure.

So far Energy@home adopts the following system architecture and provides customers with new value added services ranging from simple energy consumption awareness, up to a fully integrated energy management system. The architecture is expected to increase in scope as a result of the ongoing collaboration activities and interests of the Energy​@home Members.



  • A first set of technical specifications of the Home Area Network that are currently under standardization and harmonizion with ZigBee Alliance standards
  • An interoperable and fully-integrated system comprising smart gateway, smart meter, smart plugs, and smart domestic appliances
  • A set of interoperability test events, including some ZigBee events hosted by Energy@home
  • An Italian field trial involving 50 users​
  • A field trial in The Netherlands involving 300 users where Enexis utility is using the E@h protocol