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Standardization Committee

​​​​Working Group: Standardization  Committee
Chairman: Marco Signa​

  • Maintain Energy@home technical specifications leveraging on collaborations with other standard organizations and alliances.
  • Define and evolve end to end architecture of the Energy@home reference domain
  • Collaborate with other working groups of the Association to guarantee that the new features and technical solutions could be integrated consistently in the specifications
  • Organize and promote open test events to verify interoperability of the Energy@home solutions
  • Define a model for resources and devices in E@H system that is abstract and independent from a specific communication technology
  • On the basis of this model, identify the communication interfaces of the E@H system and define a suitable IP based solution for these interfaces, considering already defined IP standards​​

Expected Res​ults
  • Architecture’s roadmap for  E@H System
  • Finalize the Energy@home specifications to guarantee consistency with the architecture roadmap​
  • Abstract model of E@H System
  • Specifications of an IP protocol for E@H system, possibly as an extension of a standard one​​

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