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How to join and how to leave the Association

​​Energy@home envisions an eco-system of interacting and interoperable products and devices.
Joining Energy@home is an opportunity to:

  • Increase the value of your products by adding connectivity to other devices from many different vendors
  • Network with other industries and integrate your products into the Energy@home continuously growing eco-system
  • Participate to the definition of use cases, requirements and technical specifications
    Test your products and systems in ad hoc interoperability events​

How to Join

The Energy@home Association is open to any interested party.
Members are required to accept the  Bylaws of the Association (original document in Italiantranslation in English) by signing this form (rregistration form​ in English) and sending it in original to this post address:

Send to...
Energy@home Association
(attention of Fabio Bellifemine, Telecom Italia)
Corso di Italia 41
(00198) ROMA

Memberships become effective after the approval of the Board of Directors and the payment of the annual membership fee.
There are 2 levels of membership:
1°​ ​Ordinary Associates. Ordinary Associates partecipate to all activities and have full vote rights. They vote to elect up to three seats of the Board of Directors which are reserved to Ordinary Associates. Cost: 4.5K€ per financial year.
2° Aggregate Associates. Aggregate Associates partecipate to all activities, but have no vote rights and no election rights. Cost: 3K€ per financial year.
How to leave the association

Members can resign from the Association at any time by sending a letter to the Managing Director (see post address above)