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​​Telecom Italia, Indesit Company and Enel Distribuzione have a running trial of the Energy@home system.

Where: 50 private premises in Fabriano and Jesi plus 20 friendly customer in Italy.
What: Indesit smart washing machine, Enel smart info, Telecom Italia smart gateway, Telecom Italia application interface.
Technology providers: Flexgrid, ST Microelectronics, Renesas, Freescale.
When: October 2012 – December 2013

Phases of the trial:
  • Customer Energy awareness: The user will have easy access to information and warnings generated by the customer grid, the Smart Appliances and by the photovoltaic power plant​
  • Appliances Coordinated Management: The home appliances and photovoltaic power plant will interact through the customer home area network; the application interface will provide active planning and coordination as a result of the information coming from the meter and the user needs
  • Validate the proposed technical solution based on the smart gateway, smart info and smart washing machines
  • Prove the maturity of the Energy Management solution for residential consumer capable of active load control and simplification of the use of time of use and dynamic tariffs
  • Guarantee a proper growth of the Association ecosystem through the trial results​