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Energy@home is a no-profit association that, for the benefit of the environment, aims at developing & promoting technologies and services for energy efficiency in the home based upon device to device communication.​

  • The scope of the Association is currently mainly driven by the Smart Grid scenarios at the EU level. With reference to the following figure, that depicts the energy value chain and main stakeholders, the focus of Energy@home is the Smart Consumption & Micro-generation domain.​

 The Association was founded on July 2012 based upon some achievements of a collaborative project among Electrolux, Enel Distribuzione, Indesit Company and Telecom Italia:

  • ​The Energy@home Association has the mission of developing and promoting technologies and services for energy efficiency in smart homes. based upon the interaction between user devices and the energy infrastructure
  • Its goal is to promote the development and widespread of products and services based on the interoperability and collaboration of the appliances within the household
  • The Association is a proper organizational tool to:
    • ​extend the scope and the activities with a larger number of Partners
    • enrich use cases and collaboration scenarios
    • enlarge the amount and range of interested industries
    • influence regulation, consumer & manufacturer associations, and standards 
    • in a sentence "create the Smart Home eco-system"