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Main Achievements

​The Association was founded on July 2012 based upon some achievements of a collaborative project among Electrolux, Enel Distribuzione, Indesit Company and Telecom Italia:

  • A first set of technical specifications of the Home Area Network that have been integrated into the ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 standard. (press release)
  • An interoperable and fully-integrated system comprising smart gateway, smart meter, smart plugs, and smart domestic appliances
  • A set of interoperability test events, including some ZigBee events hosted by Energy@home
  • An Italian field trial involving 50 users​
  • A field trial in The Netherlands involving 300 users where Enexis utility is using the E@h protocol
  • Release of JEMMA (Java-based Energy Management Application framework), an open-source project that facilitates the development of home energy management applications. JEMMA implements the Energy@home specifications and currently supports the ZigBee Home Automation 1.2 and the ZigBee Gateway Device standards resulting from of a collaboration between the Energy@home Association and the ZigBee Alliance