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News : ​HIRIS won the first Smart Home Hackathon organized by Energy@home


The Hackathon was hold in Torino at the i3P Incubator of Polictecnico, it was a great success with 115 participants from all over Italy, 30 submitted ideas, and 14 projects who were selected for the Hackathon.

Hiris showed how a wearable device can be used to control the smart home devices by using simple hand gestures, the project was developed by 3 italian startups - Apio, Circle Garage, and SpotSoftware​ – that during the event decided to work together to this project.

The best runner up project was instead Smart Tips that presented a gamification approach to the energy saving. 

Third prize was won by NED, a Non Intrusive Load Monitoring system from Midori​.

The panel of judges had a very tough job to select these 3 winners as all 14 projects developed an high quality prototype and business idea.

All the pitches are available at this URL 

Some photos of the event are available at this URL