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News : JEMMA 0.9 Release


​The Energy@Home association is proud to announce Version 0.9 of the JEMMA framework.

This release contains a lot's of bug fixes and improvements in the ZigBee network management as well as in the GUI (/demo/).

This version adds support for DoorLock (YALE, KWIKSET) and WindowCovering (UBISYS) devices.

The release binaries also includes OSGi Device Abstraction Layer implementation (rfc0196 and rfc0210). You can interact with the OSGi Device Abstraction Layer also using HTTP REST and WebSocket.

Take a look at this page to understand how to interact with REST APIs and to this page to find out what kind of functions (with operations and parameters) are exposed by JEMMA devices.

This release will be used during the "Smart Home Hackathon" which will take place at the I3P from November 21 November 23.

Download JEMMA 0.9

Run JEMMA with a FlexKey​