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News : Energy@home use cases document for submission to IEC TC57


​Energy@home Association makes public available on its web site a new document that is going to be submitted to Working Group 21 of IEC-TC 57 as a contribution to the technical report IEC 62746-2 TR through the Italian CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano). 

Where, for the sake of completeness, it is here reminded that WG21 of IEC-TC57 is responsible for “Interfaces and protocol profiles relevant to systems connected to the electrical grid”, while the technical report IEC 62746-2 TR is entitled “Systems interface between customer energy management system and the power management system – Part 2: Use cases and requirements” and is intended to provide use cases and requirements for the interface between the power management system of the electrical grid and customer energy management systems for residential and commercial buildings and industry.

This document of Energy@home is a revised edition of the use cases 2.0 document that adopts the same template of IEC-TC57 for the description and documentation of  the use cases.

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