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News : Indesit Company’s Smart Aqualtis chosen for the PowerMatching City project


​The Smart Aqualtis washing machine implements the Energy@home technical specifications and represents the results of Indesit Company’s pioneering research in the field of Smart Grids to find more effective ways of integrating appliances (eg. washing machines, fridges, ovens, etc.) within the new power supply network.

PowerMatching City creates a “smart residential district” in which all the connected devices have intelligent capabilities  optimizing in real time their use of energy on the basis of actual availability of energy from renewable sources. The main objective is to understand how to optimize the needs of producers and consumers of energy in the grid.

Thanks to the high level of innovation of its appliances and to the openness of the technical specifications, Indesit Company has been chosen as the only household appliance in the eco-system created by PowerMatching City 2, a trial project now running in The Netherlands to test the feasibility of developing and implementing Smart Grids.

Smart Aqualtis is Indesit’s first “smart grid ready” washing machine, being designed in coherence with the Energy@home eco-system as an part of an interconnected system. Its brand new intelligence makes it possible to supply a predictive estimation of its the electricity consumption over next programme, and therefore its cost, before the cycle is actually started. Users can trust the washing machine to automatically program the cycle to start at the most economical or ecological time of day, always respecting  their particular needs.

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