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News : Broadband World Forum: Gemino demonstrates its AGSuite Middleware integrated with the Energy@home Jemma Framework, Amsterdam


G​emino will be present at the Broadband World Forum on Oct 21-23, 2014 (Stand F1), RAI Exhibition & Convention Centre, Amsterdam.

Gemino will show its AGSuite Middleware and the Energy@home Jemma framework integrated in a single Smart Gateway device able to provides both Smart Home functionalities and broadband services.

Thanks to the high integration of the software components and to the integration with the Energy@home eco-system, Gemino will demonstrate that a single Smart Gateway device can be deployed to serve the entire home scenario in a real integrated solution with relevant advantages in terms of service availability and cost reduction in a real open and protected environment across broadband networks.

Gemino is a Member of the Energy@home Association that designs, develops and manufactures products and solutions for networks and next-generation services in Multi Media, Remote Management and Networking contexts.

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