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News : S3C midterm conference, Evora


S3C is an EU FP7 Project that addresses the end-users on three different levels in order to promote cooperation between the end-users and the energy utility of the future: as a smart consumer, a smart customer, and a smart citizen.

The S3C midterm conference in Évora on the 27th of May, 2014, will present the intermediate results of the S3C project regarding the facilitated inclusion of end-users of energy in Smart Energy and Smart Grid projects. Additionally, the conference will include the complementary approach of its sister project ADVANCED as well as insights from various other Smart Grids demonstrations and experts from the field. At the event, new perspectives, approaches and solutions in terms of sparking engagement in previously passive end-users will be presented. Energy@home was invited to present its experiences with involving end-users in its trials and to compare its findings in a moderated discussion.
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