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Events : 2nd annual Energy@home Workshop, Milano, Nov. 26th 2013

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Start Time: 26/11/2013  0.00
End Time: 26/11/2013  23.59

Last Tuesday, November 26th Energy@Home successfully run its second Annual Workshop. It’s been the occasion to present the progresses of the Association during 2013. Compared to the first edition, done in December 2012, we’ve really pleased to record an increasing numbers of attendees coming from different countries of EU.
That’s a sign of the good tangible work done by the association both into the Zigbee Alliance (where Energy@Home directives have been recently absorbed inside the Zigbee HA 1.2 Profile) and with joint working Group with Germany driven EEBus Association as well as French Regulatory.

The day has been rich of presentations and sessions.

While we’ve presented the progresses done by the different Working Group within the Energy@Home, which counts now 19 companies associated, we’ve been delighted to see several sessions reporting feed-back from customers about the trials on going with Energy@Home or similar initiative focused to increase final customer awareness on Energy Consumption (Enel/Italian Trial on going and Indesit with their Dutch Trial based on Smart Washer).
That’s the demonstration of the concrete value creation of our Energy@Home initiative started in 2009.

But the workshop also raised the next challenges we do have in front. These are mainly connected to the regulation harmonization in the different countries in EU.

AEEG (Italian Regulator Authority for Energy and Gas), CRE (French Regulatory Commission of Energy) and CECED (Appliance European Regulatory Association) provided contributions for feeding the debate.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in 2014