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Events : The role of the "Data Model" to achieve interoperability

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Start Time: 08/04/2014  0.00
End Time: 08/04/2014  23.59

The role of the "Data Model" to achieve interoperability, Gianluigi Proserpio, 8/4/2014, presentation at the TC57 of CEI (Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano).

This document is a report developed by RSE as a result of a collaboration with the Energy@home Association. It analyses the IEC «Common Information Model» (CIM) as a candidate tool to achieve interoperability at the semantic layer under the perspective of definition of a single Data Model for the whole electrical domain.
The sharing of a common Data Model, in fact, provides a basis for understanding information exchanged between systems and for enabling their smart usage.
The development of the Smart Grid needs the integration of many heterogeneous systems and the interoperability, both a semantic level and syntactic level, will be facilitated by the use of Data Models (Ontologies).
CIM is currently used in many electrical business context and it represents the most mature Ontology for the electrical domain.
Energy@home is analyzing how CIM can be extended to properly represent concepts and functionalities of the Smart Home energy domain.

The document is available on the Energy@home download area:​​