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Collaborations: EEBus initiatives


EEBus initiatives


EEBus e.V.


  • EEBus Initiative e.V. is a german registered association with 24 associated members including big companies like ABB, B/S/H, E-on, Miele, Vaillant, and others.
  • Energy​@home and EEBus Initiative e.V. collaborate for the benefit of a common pan-european Smart Home approach.
  • In December 2012 the two organizations signed a collaboration agreement in order to jointly work to pursue the idea and realization of an European Smart Home, in order to adopt a common data model, and bring in support from the European Standardization Committee. 
  • The no-profit organization EEBus Initiative e.V. is the official platform for standardization initiatives and formation of opinions. The aim of the organization is to link leading companies, associations and key actors within German and international energy and electronics management. Its goal is to develop EEBus further as a standardized and consensus-oriented networking concept for Smart Grid and Smart Home Technologies and establishing it on the market.




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